It’s the day after Christmas and a Tuesday, but it sure feels like a Monday.  Back to work, back to school, back to life.  The holidays were fun, hectic and full of food.  I always want purge my house of extra stuff after the holidays.  Maybe it’s the addition of new stuff brought by presents or maybe it’s because the new year is close.  I don’t know.  But I went through the house today and filled a few boxes of stuff.  I’ll do more tomorrow.  Out with the old!

The weather is turning very cold this week.  High temperatures in the single digits and low temperatures below zero double digits.  Wow!  I find the extreme cold exciting and fun.  We have a beautiful thick blanket of snow on everything right now so it’s a winter wonderland outside.  I will have to keep the fire lit at night so we don’t wake up to a frozen house.

The sky was so beautiful this morning when I went out to get firewood.  The winter morning sky is one of the most beautiful and I am never sad to go get wood in the morning.






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