Sometimes we lose our way, our perspective. That’s OK. But it doesn’t feel OK. And even if we know the right words to say and the right thoughts to think somehow it doesn’t really work. Sometimes it all feels too big, too stuck, too messy, too frustrating… Too much. And that’s OK, but it doesn’t feel OK.

Do we look ahead towards hope, horizons and silver linings? Does looking ahead buffer the present with possibility of change?

Do we point our compas towards now and sink into the moment? But the moment isn’t happy, it isn’t optimistic, and it isn’t what we want it to be. Should we skip this moment in hopes that the next will be more worthy of our expectations?

How many moments should we skip? How many moments do we get?

Does wholeness include the bruises and the seeds? Can’t we cut it out? Savor the pure flesh, discard the imperfections.

I know I should dig in, devour the whole. See the forest for the trees. Should, should, should.

It’s OK. But it doesn’t feel OK.

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