I really need to shovel. Guess what I’ll be doing today? 😁

It’s Friday! Hooray! I’ve always liked Friday, as everyone else does, but I’ll admit with some shame that Mondays are my favorite. Fresh start, optimism, etc. Anyway, it’s Friday and yay!

I saw our resident rabbit last night while getting wood at midnight. Normally the only evidence is lots of tracks, poop, and a decimated garden, but last night I saw the beast itself. I told it to stay warm and went on my way. Now if only rabbits ate mice we may have a real partnership.

Speaking of rabbit brigands, it’s time to start dreaming my garden. Some sort of rabbit protection will have to be included since said rabbit ate my entire garden last year and left me with a patch full of rogue pumpkin plants that only fed the mice. The forest creatures are winning.

Happy Friday!

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