I’m a terrible blogger.  I want to blog, I start to blog, but I get nervous and back away.  Anyway, I’m back again for another try.

It’s September and the bunnies destroyed my garden again despite the fence designed to keep them out.  They left the cherry tomatoes so we have a lot of those and I canned a delicious tomato chutney, which sort of tastes like grown up ketchup.  The compost pile seems to have planted a beautiful garden and we have a lot of tomatoes and pumpkins growing in there. Ha!

Our home is currently a construction zone with most of the main room with no floor while the other houses stacks of wood.  We are laying wide plank pine flooring down and hand nailing every plank is as slow as it is satisfying.  We’ve made it as far as the wood stove and it is as beautiful as I hoped it would be.  I only hope we finish before too long!

I love the color of September- deep sunshine with smatterings of of gold and yellow.  Around here we can feel fall creeping in around the edges of the mornings and evenings and it reminds me to hurry and fill the wood shed and to soak up the last sweaty bits of summer.

adding trim to knit dresscanned cherry tomato chutneychildren helping with tomatoeslate summer walk in the woods

sunflowerwide plank pine floorfinished knit dress

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