Apple season is one of my family’s most beloved times of the year.  We go apple picking (often more than once), make applesauce, apple pie, apple butter, apple, apple, apple! It’s a beautifully sweet time where the weather is just starting to turn cool, but is still warm enough to avoid heavy coats and snow.  The leaves are turning and we are starting to slow down and cozy into the slower rhythm of winter.  Soon the children will have their first day of school and we’ll gather around the wood stove in the mornings for circle time.  But right now, we’ll soak up the last fruits of summer and enjoy everything apple!

This applesauce was made with the first ripe apples of the new season, Paula Reds.  They made a wonderfully, bright pink sauce, which delighted the children.  Instead of simmering the apples in pots we decided to roast them.  I removed the seeds with a melon baller, put them on pans and sprinkled them with cinnamon and cloves.  Covered the with foil and baked until falling apart.  A trip through the food mill removed the peels and stems and turned them into our sweet and spiced applesauce.  Delicious!


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