Early Autumn Unit

Although we have been schooling for awhile now, this is my eldest’s first official year where he is registered with the state.  Our state is one of the stricter ones so we have to submit a plan of study and a portfolio at the end of the year.

By age, he is in first grade and the younger is in preschool, but the beauty of homeschool is you can tailor it to meet the individual student’s needs so our “curriculum” is not strictly first grade.  He has been reading for a long time now, and I would probably place him at a 4th grade reading level.  His math skills, as well, are several grades above, but I’ve chosen to back step a little to give him more practice.


Gnomes and Gnumbers, beautifully developed by Elizabeth Foss.  We will be following along with the story and incorporating the gnomes in our math studies.  Although he can do double digit addition, I believe some review and contextual application will help him solidify his knowledge.



He reads plenty (maybe too much) on his own, but we’ll be reading the Wind in the Willows together.  For those books we read together, I like to do art projects and “book reports”.

My youngest is turning 4 and is very interested in formally learning her alphabet.  She knows many of the letters, but is still working on beginning sounds and lower case letters. For her, we will be using a modified version of the Elizabeth Foss‘, “The Alphabet Path“.  it’s based on Flower Fairies, which really sparks and holds my youngest’s interest.  I have modified it to remove the teaching of the saints since it’s not something we do.



Apples, apples, apples! To coincide with the season and because the first Flower Fairy on the Alphabet Path is the Apple Blossom Fairy, we will be studying apples for science.  We will study the apple life cycle, parts, and some contextual information about the plant kingdom in general.

From Shoot to Apple

How do Apples Grow?


Arts and Crafts

We will be looking at and studying Paul Cezanne’s, “Apples” for our fine art lesson.  The children will attempt their own still life version of “Apples”.


We will also be making apple suncatchers once more leaves begin to fall



We will be memorizing the poem,

Apples are seasoned

And ripe and sound

Gently they fall on the yellow ground

We will add this to main lesson book and use our bean bags to help memorize it.

Circle Time

Our circle is inspired by Drinking in the Wild Air.  I bound ours into a little book, which you can download here.

Here is our book list for circle time:

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Hold on, Toby

Christopher’s Harvest Time


Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

It’s Fall!

Winter is Coming



Nearly everything I use is obtained free, from the library or DIY.  Here are a few links to materials, supplies, or recipes that I use.  Please feel free to ask if you would like more information on anything.

Wool blend felt for peg people.  Less expensive than pure wool, but very thick and durable.

Unfinished peg dolls for flower fairies and math gnomes

Easy playdough recipe for modeling letters, numbers, etc.  (easy and cheaper than beeswax modeling clay).

Rainbow charm pack for bean bags

Habotai 8mm Scarf – 35″ x 35″ silk scarves to make into playsilks.

Main lesson book I chose to go with a small lesson book because I notice that littler kids have a hard time filling an entire page.  So these are on the smaller side, but are working really well so far.


Juniper Roots is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.  When you buy a product through the links above I will earn a small commission for the sale.  The price to you, the buyer is the same, but you are supporting a small business and I really appreciate it!

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