Apples and Rain

It has been raining quite a bit lately.  We had a fairly dry and hot summer, I almost thought autumn wouldn’t come, but here it is all wet and chilly.  The leaves are turning and we bought our pumpkins yesterday.  Life has been full with us throwing in the towel and finally buying a new fridge after our old broke for a sixth time.  I’ll always harbor some resentment that a 5 year old, very expensive, fancy fridge could have met such an untimely end, but oh well at least we have refrigeration again and I’m not living out of a cooler (again).

The first nearly two weeks of school have been going very well with both the children and myself learning a ton.  As usual, I always have to work on my expectations (for myself and my children), impatience, and humility.  Those are my character areas that I struggle with.  Well, and anxiety as well, but that’s something else entirely.



Studying the life cycle of the apple. Pollination and germination.


Eating our apples while coloring our apple diagrams.


The eldest worked on handwriting skills by labeling the apple parts. The youngest worked on gluing skills by gluing the labels.


Children setup a still life to paint.


Gathering inspiration from Paul Cezanne while painting their still life.


Youngest working on counting with colored Popsicle sticks.


School Resources

Apple Parts diagram free to download

Paul Cezanne’s “Apples” – download and print painting


From Shoot to Apple

From Seed to Plant

How do Apples Grow?

Art Supplies:

Colored popscile sticks

Tempera paint (6 pack)

Jumbo paint brushes

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